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Written by Sreya Gupta

Valentine’s Day is here. Isn’t it weird that even a person with zero love life and a hectic schedule feels the brush of romance on this particular day? So, if you don’t have a plan with your Valentine, you might like to do binge watch your favorite shows and check out all the lovey-dovey scenes that gave you romantic goals in life. Doesn’t matter if those goals remain just a dream, we can’t deny that we love to watch these scenes again and again and again. Here is a list of twelve most romantic scenes on TV that made me feel the love. Find out if your favorite one is here or not.

15. Archie & Veronica, Riverdale

Season 1, Episode 13

I really did not like their first kiss at Cheryl’s party. To me, it felt like they kissed each other not because they are in love but they found the other one physically attractive. It was their scene in episode 13 that convinced me they are made for each other. I love how Archie told Veronica he wants someone to look at him the way Betty looks at Jughead, he wants what Betty and Jughead head in his life; true love. And, then they kissed. It was clear that they are in love with each other.


14. Barney & Robin, How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 1

They danced together and then Robin decided to tell what she feels for him. But, Barney’s then crush interrupted by calling. Fearing he will ruin everything, Barney asked Robin to help him to talk. Robin our her heart out but Barney was so busy to parrot Robin on the phone he didn’t even notice. Fans cried days over the kiss that never happened.

13. Chandler & Monica, F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Season 6 Episode 25

When Chandler’s plan of proposing Monica went south and everything got ruined, Monica saved the day for Chandler by proposing him. Monica event went down on her knees and asked him to marry her. Chandler happily accepted the proposal and sealed the deal with a kiss. Wasn’t it adorable?

12. Ryan & Marissa, The OC

Season 1 Episode 27

In the final episode of season one, the wedding none want to happen took place. Ryan and Marissa danced at the wedding. They realised it might be the last time they will see each other. The scene was heartbreaking yet one of the most romantic scenes ever.

11. Zoe & Wade, Hart of Dixie

Season 4 Episode 3

Wade has always pined for Zoe while she was crushing over George. But Wade and Zoe’s chemistry was too electric to ignore. The duo went for casual sex, started dating, broke up, and did everything that could break our hearts. But, at the end when Wade said, “The one thing that I am sure of is that you are the love of my life, Zoe Hart,” our heart skipped a bit.

10. Kurt & Blaine, Glee

Season 2 Episode 16

Kurt and Blaine were a delight to our eyes and hearts. We rooted for them since they met. Thankfully, Blaine didn’t take much time to realize his love for Kurt and we fell for them right from the time of their first kiss. It was indeed a moment to cherish.

9. Mathew & Mary, Downton Abbey

The 2011 Christmas Special

Downton Abbey gave the Christmas present the fans have always wanted. When they realized they’ve lived their lives and now it’s time to live it together, Mathew asked Mary to marry him. The snow kept on falling all over them and we felt overwhelmed with joy.

8. Brooke & Julian, One Tree Hill

Season 8 Episode 20

These two were never lucky in love. Fate was failing them miserably when all they craved for was a baby! Distressed and disheartened, they were considering an option of a fresh start in a new place, but life had another plan for them. The moment when Brooke declared ‘we’re pregnant’ just cannot be forgotten.

7. Oliver & Felicity, Arrow

Season 3 Episode 1

It was the much-awaited first date of Oliver and Felicity. The duo was reminiscing about their first meet. It was an ordinary date until our handsome vigilante said something unexpected. Oliver actually remembered every detail, even the colour of the pen Felicity was chewing on! A person, who knows Oliver Queen, will feel the significance and beauty of that moment.

6. Nate & Haley, One Tree Hill

Season 6 Episode 24

Nate finally achieved his dream of making it to the NBA. The moment he got this news, he couldn’t just thank Haley enough for believing in him, and Haley replied with a thank you for being worth to believe. That ‘thank you’ became a scene to remember for every Naley fan out there.

5. Mulder & Scully, The X-Files

Season 7 Episode 19

For a long time, Mulder and Scully had partner zoned each other. It was amazing to see them doing things couples would do, placing their trust and standing by each other every single time without being romantically involved for nine freaking seasons. However, that doesn’t mean, we didn’t get any memorable moment. Think of the scene when they had a chat after watching a disastrous movie. Don’t tell me it wasn’t love.

4. Jasper & Eleanor, The Royals

Season 2, Episode 10

The show is only 30 episodes old yet Jasper and Eleanor have made me cry so many times. The season 2 episode 10 is my favourite scene of Jaspenor though it made me cry. It was just after Eleanor asked Jasper to leave after getting her heart broken and Jasper agrees. But, when things get heated up Eleanor holds his hand and it was clear Eleanor never really wanted Jasper to leave. And, how could I forget the scene where Jasper protected Eleanor from hungry reporters?

3. Jughead & Betty, Riverdale

Season 1, Episode 6

I know all of the fans won’t agree with me but I will say their first kiss is the most romantic Riverdale scenes till date. Because when they kissed for the first time I realized I found a ship with whom I will sail and sink. Though I believe every time they look at each other they set the screen on fire but that kiss started it all.  Remember how adorable Jughead looked when he said ‘Hey there, Juliet’ and how Betty smiled at him.

2. Stiles & Lydia, Teen Wolf

Season 3 Episode 11

Stydia is one of those ‘ships’ that make slow burn a thing on TV. In season three, when there weren’t seeing each other, the kiss came as a surprise to us and to Stiles as well. When Stiles was unable to control a panic attack, and Lydia was trying to make Stiles remember happy things and nothing worked, she kissed him. Obviously, it worked like magic. From the moment we knew Lydia is his anchor and these two are just made for each other.

  1. Chuck & Blair, Gossip Girl

Season 2, Episode 25

Both Chuck and Blair suffered for their own complexities and flaws. They have faced a lot of obstacles in their love life. Most of the time, they have pushed themselves towards a heartbreak. Our hearts broke in pieces when we saw Chuck refused Blair, even after being in love with her madly. But, for this one time, Chuck overcame his dilemmas and returned to confess his love for Blair Waldorf.

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