6 Romantic Perfumes You Can Gift To Your Valentine

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Written by Sreya Gupta

Valentine’s day is less than a week away. Are you still thinking of what to buy for your loved one? Well, when you want to express your feeling through a gift, a bottle of perfume does it the best. What can be better than a bottle full of fragrance? Perfume is the most elegant gift one can ever receive or gift. So, stop wondering and start looking for the most romantic perfume on this Valentine’s Day.  You can get the perfume for someone special or pamper yourself with its aroma. If you are clueless about the best perfume, I can help you a little. Here I listed down 6 most romantic perfumes you can gift to your valentine. Just pick one magic container of liquid aroma and make the day of love beautiful.

  1. H&M Rose Reverie 

This had to be on the top of my list. Rose Reverie is perfect to use on the Valentine ’s Day as it has a very soothing smell of damask roses and magnolia. I’m a big fan of perfume with a floral aroma. And, this one is my favourite because it is budget friendly, cruelty-free and perfect to wear in the spring.  If you have a taste for the perfumes with a sweet romantic smell like me, this one won’t disappoint you.

  1. H&M Urban Verve 


Another H&M scent with which I fell in love at first smell.  Though the aroma of this one is a complete contrast to Rose Reverie. If there were a perfume version of the idea of being daring and confident, Urban Verve would be that perfume (hope I’m making sense). This aroma can lift your mood up to an energetic level anytime, anywhere. The upbeat smell of the lime and bergamot will refresh your mood and the base smell of white musk and vetiver adds another touch.

  1. The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine 

The fragrance of this perfume is as romantic and gentle just like its name. A friend of mine had this one in her collection and when she introduced it to me, I became a fan instantly. It comes in a gorgeous golden glass flacon, and it will enchant you with the smells of Jasmine and sandalwood. The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine has a rejuvenating aroma. Enigmatic and enchanting, this one makes a great signature perfume.

  1. The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose 

Before going to the real talk can I just say how beautiful the bottle of this perfume is? I’m a diehard romantic and a feminine person too. No wonder the little pink flacon made by glass won my heart the first time I saw it. Now about the perfume. It has a very refreshing and upbeat fragrance. The smell is a mixture of musk, rose, and citrus. Vibrant yet romantic, sweet yet long-lasting, this smell will cheer anyone up in the gloomiest of days.

You can get it from HERE.

  1. The Body Shop English Dawn Gardenia 

This one is my last mention from The Body Shop. Nonetheless, it’s very dear to me. The blue flacon looks like it has captured liquid magic in it. Not only it looks enchanting, the smell of the fragrance that contains tuberose, sandalwood, and gardenia has the power to captivate your senses as well. To me, it is synonymous with sophistication.

  1. Roberto Cavalli Nero 

Once again please allow me to say what I think about the gorgeous black and gold flacon. It looks like black magic. The perfume bottle looks sexy and elegant. The perfume totally deserves a bottle as classy as this.  It has a strong woody smell mixed with a soft floral smell. The smell is unique in its own way. It’s a feminine yet very bold fragrance. The only downside of this perfume is it’s not completely cruelty-free. The licensee of this products claims not to taste on animals where it is possible.

You can get it from HERE 


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