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White Outfit And A Dash Of Pink On A Day of Early Spring

Written by Sreya Gupta

styling white high neck tee-shirt

This is my 1st ever post on my blog where I’m sharing a page of my life. It took a year for me to gather the courage to start an outfit diary series.

Am I the only one whose favourite colour changes with time? When I was in primary school my favourite colour used to be red. Then it was blue, then pink, then black, red again, now it’s white. In last few months, I bought more white clothes than I’ve bought in my whole life. One of the greatest things about owning white clothes is, white looks good with everything. You won’t have to worry about if a white top will look good with your favourite jeans or skirts or trousers. At this moment I am investing to make a wardrobe with basics. So, there is no better time to buy white clothes.

No wonder I planned to spend all the year wearing white. But, I always felt like head to toe clad in the same colour can be a little boring sometimes.  It was then I planned to add a dash of pink with my otherwise white outfit.

styling white high neck tee-shirtstyling white high neck tee-shirt
I feel like pink is the colour that makes me happy. So, when in winter all the people are sad and waiting for spring to arrive, I added a hint my pink to cheer up my mood.

styling white high neck tee-shirt

This bag from Dressberry is my new favourite thing in my wardrobe. The colour is a lovely shade of nude-ish pink, and due to the colour, the bag has a very mature look. It’s perfect for work purpose. Though I can totally carry a candy-pink coloured bag to the office but let’s face it if I carry a barbie approved bag to the office, none will take me seriously.

styling white high neck tee-shirt

And, this high-neck white T-shirt I bought recently is a darling to me now. It looks great with whatever I wear and it’s perfect for the early spring. I’m going to wear this a lot until the weather becomes too hot to wear it.

I’m leaving it here for now. Thank you for reading this post. Have an amazing weekend.





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