7 Simple Things To Do To Be Happy In The New Year

Simple Things To Do To Be Happy
Written by Sayanee

2018 is already a week old! The celebration time is over so is the festive season. We all have gone back to our busy lives. The same old daily routine. even the thought of the same shatter us but there is no escape from the same. The rat race, the stress, hectic schedules simply kill our spirit and leave only a bunch of unhappy folks. But, is it too difficult to achieve happiness amid this damned modern lifestyle? Thankfully the answer is no. Happiness is not that difficult to gain. One can be really happy if he or she wants. You just need to switch on the light (Dumbledore is never wrong). But the question is how? Well, there can be millions of ways if you are ready to search. Here I present seven simple things to do to be happy in the new year.

1. Visit An Old Age Home/ Orphanage/Animal Rescue Shelter 

Simple joys of life come from the good things we do. Not all of us possess the power of bringing great changes but that’s alright. As long as we have the desire to do something meaningful, we can help others as well as others. This year, try to find out some spare times from your busy schedule and do something for others. Others, who needs your affection. Go visit an orphanage or an old age home or an animal shelter. Invest little energy in a selfless act. The return gift will be extremely pleasing.

2. Adopt A Pet

Those who have pets would know, the four-legged family members simply change your life and bring enormous happiness. Mark my words, no one will bring this much joy in your life. In exchange, do a little favor to them. Don’t buy, but adopt one from a rescue shelter. If you’re in India like me, adopt an Indian street dog or cat. Trust me, they make wonderful pets. And make sure, when you get a fur baby, you’re ready to make a long time commitment. If you are unable to do so, just go out and feed some strays every day, take care of their health issues and witness how unconditional love exists. Those wagging tales and loving eyes are nothing less than pure bliss.

3. Watch The Shows You Liked As A Child

This is one of the easiest things to do to be happy in this new year. Sure, this won’t leave a long-term impression but even if you get to laugh an hour a day, this worth it. So, which was your favorite TV show that you loved as a kid? I was addicted to Power Rangers. Now when I binge watch them after getting grilled at the job, it relief my poor brain like nothing else. When you watch those most favorite shows or films of your childhood or early teen period, you may not feel like the most intelligent person you know. But, these silly entertainments (if you think so) will make you laugh, they will make you nostalgic. After a hectic day, this is all that you need to feel little better.

4. Travel Without Thinking About The Destination 

Things To Do To Be Happy

Well, this one we all know. Who doesn’t want to travel the entire world? Who doesn’t want to bag pack and set out on a life-changing journey, but not all of us are lucky enough to do it right? There is always a lack of time and money. If you manage both, there will be some other commitments. In that case, just lower your travel goal for now. Instead of a trip to Europe, head out for your nearest travel destination. Trust me, it is your wanderlust, your journey that matters. The destination is secondary. Just go out for an impromptu trip to a nearby beach or a hill this weekend. If nothing works, just get on a train and visit a township or a village near to your city. Meet new people, live their lifestyle for a day. The thrill of traveling, the new experiences, and newfound understandings will detox your stressed mind and body. If not anything, happiness is guaranteed.

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5. Find Out Time For Your Hobbies

We all have at least one hobby at some point in time. Growing up the first thing we had to say adieu was this poor thing that made us the happiest once. The study, job, life, family – everything demands time and attention. Well, they are important, but things that you love to do are essential as well. Be it dancing, singing, painting, swimming, sewing or playing soccer, this year find time for it. People have hobbies because they love spending time doing it and they are good at it. Your hobby isn’t just another fun activity but a part of your existence. They make you what you are. Make sure you are not leaving them behind because you have errands to run.

6. Call An Old Friend

We all have those old friends with whom we have lost all the contacts. Sometimes it is due to silly fights and sometimes due to lack of meaningful communication. But, secretly we miss them. There have been those moments when you have genuinely wanted to reach out that friend but dropped the idea. That’s because humans do overthink. It seems all the philosophical thoughts about moving on in life, never look back always stop us from doing the simple things to be happy. This time, give your hyper-analytic mind little rest and go with the flow. Don’t take any shortcut named Facebook, or Instagram or any social networking sites. Just ring that number and talk. Maybe they are also hesitating to take the first initiative.

7. Learn A New Language/Craft

They say, there is no age for learning. What they didn’t mention is that learning is fun too. Especially, when busy schedule, workload, and stress are crushing your energy, try to spend your spare times learning something new. It can be a new language, DIY home decors, cooking recipes or a new hairstyle – as long as it is keeping you engrossed this is worth it. When you learn something new, you feel better, moreover, you feel proud of yourself. When you finally master a craft, it also fills your heart with enormous positivity. The best part, you don’t really need to enroll yourself in some institute. There are plenty of tutorials available on Youtube, Pinterest, and others. Just find out which one excites you the most.



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