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Thor: Ragnarok From A Loki Fangirl’s Point Of View

Written by Sayanee

Thor Ragnarok has just won over the entire world. It seems it’s the most entertaining installment of the franchise. Some even call it the finest film of MCU. As the great reviews pouring from everywhere, I had to watch it. I rushed to the theatre as soon as the film released in India, and well, I admit, it’s a great movie indeed. However, my sister and I have always been a supporter of Loki, so, our experience of watching any Thor movie is slightly different from the general Marvel fans. Watching a film named on Thor and cheering for Loki all the time was a different experience altogether and obviously, it was super-fun. So, I thought about writing Thor Ragnarok from a Loki fangirl’s point of view.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

(Well, it started with a crazy selfie session with the poster of Thor, where we didn’t take a single picture with the film’s protagonist! Anyway, I will skip that part and will strictly talk about the movie.)

  1. Loki playing Odin Or Odin playing Loki!

From the last movie, we already know, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) has been disguised himself as Odin (Anthony Hopkins). So, when Thor first met Odin in the film, it was actually Loki, who was posing as Odin and watching a play celebrating the bravery of Loki! Crazy. And oh boy did Anthony Hopkins looked cool in that scene? While I was eagerly waiting for Hiddleston’s entry, I enjoyed the brief moments of Hopkins essaying Loki in Odin’s attire.

  1. Loki is still the smartest man on Asgard

In the third movie of the franchise, Thor has finally started to recognize Loki’s deceptions. I am impressed (or am I?). He actually figured out what Loki is up to twice! That’s some improvement.  But, he still needs to learn a thing or two from his younger brother, (adopted). Just think about the scene where Thor met the Grandmaster. He only brags about being Odinson, the God of Thunder. Loki, on the other hand, has managed to be Grandmaster’s favorite. While Thor fights in the ground, Loki watches the match sitting beside the Grandmaster. This is why I love Loki. He is smart and he always finds his way out.

  1. The desired showdown that didn’t happen

The brother duo set out to find their father and meet Dr. Strange! I really waited for this scene. I wanted a great showdown between Dr. Strange and Loki, however, I was disappointed. Come on Marvel, you bring Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch, two hottest British actors in one frame and yet we got barely one second to relish the sight! This was heartbreaking.

  1. Odin: The God of failed parenting

Moving on from the doctor, the meeting scene of Thor, Loki, and Odin was quite an emotional one, well, at least for others. I, on the other hand, was surprised to see Odin is being sweet to Loki. Last time, he said, Loki’s birthright was to die on the rocks of Jotunheim. Now, one can say, chill, it’s just a superhero flick. Sure, but I’m here to present my, a Loki fangirl’s POV and I can’t stop expressing my hatred for the ‘All Father’ of the series. Loki fans are calling him ‘The God of failed parenting’ since the first film was released. Hela’s story confirmed the same. Which father imprisons his daughter and kills her pet? I actually felt bad for Hela.

  1. The good old days

From various sources, I came to know that a flashback scene of Thor and Loki was originally planned. Anyway, the plan was dropped by the makers, instead, they made Thor recall an incident from his childhood. It was where Thor tried to admire a snake when Loki transformed into Loki. (Who in their right mind picks up a snake to admire it?) Chris Hemsworth’s dialogue delivery in this scene was awesome but Tom’s reaction was priceless. Just see Loki’s ear to ear smile. He rejoices the good old days and I bet none can’t stop admiring his face there.

  1. Loki, the savior of Asgardians!

Loki loves drama and every time he made an entry, it was worth watching. Surprisingly, the God of mischief arrives as the savior and he made sure Asgardians know it. Finally, Loki got to show his action moves. It was a pleasure to see Thor and Loki fighting together against a common enemy. Loki’s scene with the dagger which was in the trailer has been deleted from the movie. Still, I am happy that finally, the makers did justice to his character, this time. As a Hiddlestoner and a Loki fangirl, I feel content.

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  1. It’s madness!

Loki is a chaotic evil. He creates mayhem because he enjoys it. Madness is his second name and we love him in this way. He is a madman and when he addresses something as ‘madness’, it has to be crazy, crazy enough to appease Loki lovers. Loki has been good and evil and absolutely unpredictable like always. In ‘Thor Ragnarok’ he is present with his full glory. So, if you are someone who has eagerly waited for one scene of Loki in the trailer of a film named after Thor, if you felt Loki stole the Thor trilogy just like me, the movie won’t disappoint you. Go for it, cheer for Loki even when the general audience is upset with him because it’s madness.

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