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6 Offbeat TV shows You Should Be Watching This Halloween

6 Offbeat TV shows You Should Be Watching On This Halloween
Written by Sayanee

Here comes Halloween, the coolest day of the year. While most of the people will be enjoying the day partying, some of us would simply stay back at home and binge watch scare TV series to celebrate the occasion. So, have you decided which show to watch this year? Well, many of you are probably watching ‘Supernatural’ or ‘Walking Dead’ in every Halloween. This time, try something new. Here we present you six offbeat shows to watch this Halloween. I have skipped the popular horror series like ‘American Horror Stories’ and ‘Buffy The Vampire’ and picking the shows without any ghostly figure!


Lore is an anthology series that digs into the history of The USA and Europe finding out the true stories behind the monsters. Not the movie monsters, but the legends, incidents, and facts that make it easier to believe in supernatural creatures. Each episode narrates a tale creepier than the horror stories, stranger than the fictions! What’s better than watching the intense, terrifying yet engaging nonfictional show on Halloween.


What can be scarier than a serial killer, who doesn’t have a motive for killing? Bryan Fuller’s series on Hannibal Lecter is scary, to say the least. From the counseling sessions to Hannibal’s cooking, from the murders to the profiling of the crimes, everything about the show can creep you out. Trust me, if you want to face the fear in this Halloween, ‘Hannibal’ is the one series for you.  Warning, the scenes can be disturbing sometimes. But, trust me, the brilliant show worth every nightmare that you might get after watching it!

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a British sci-fi anthology series that presents a shocking and satirical side of modern day technology. Considered to be as addictive as drugs, the technology must have some consequences or at least the show makers thought so. The series focuses on the devastating effects which is creepy to its core. If you are tired of those horror flicks with crazy spirits trying to spook the humans, this one is an intelligent and witty choice of entertainment apt for the upcoming Halloween.

The X Files

Well, the cult hit is my all time favorite, to tell the truth. Although it’s a cult hit, the young sci-fi and supernatural fantasy fans are probably missing this gem. Therefore, I thought to add the show to this list will be justified. The show revolves around Agent Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, who investigate the cases involving unnatural phenomena. This one has 10 seasons and one more season will release soon. If you are completely unaware about The X Files (which is quite unlikely for a TV buff) and don’t know where to start, for Halloween, I will recommend ‘Home’, which is a stand-alone episode. Statutory warning: the episode is not for the weak-hearted souls.

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Twin Peaks

Another cult classic that should be on the bucket list of everyone who wants to binge watch offbeat scary series this October 31. The mystery series of the 90s, which displayed a different face of horror. The show made an entire generation to ask “Who Killed Laura Palmer?” and almost turned it into a national question in The US. Killer BOB, the villain of the initial episodes, remain unforgettable for being one of the most gruesome and terrifying characters on television. The show had only two seasons originally. Recently, It made a comeback as a series with limited series. You can binge watch it in a day!

twin peaks, English thriller series


Stranger Things

This is one of the finest shows I have seen in recent time and I am saving the second season for a binge watch on Halloween. However, if you are yet to watch it, Halloween is the best time to binge watch the sci-fi, horror series. The second season is already streaming on Netflix, and it’s called ‘Halloween’. One thing I can guarantee is you will be hooked to it within the first five minutes of its start. The show effortlessly merges the adventure of people from different age groups and never fails to thrill the audience for even a moment. Double thumbs up for the 80’s set up. It only intensifies the mystery in style.

Here is my list of must watch scary shows on Halloween. Did you get your favorite show here or you have picked some other show for this special day.  Comment below and let me know about your plan.

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