10 Most Romantic Chuck and Blair Scenes From Gossip Girl None Can Forget

Most Romantic Chuck and Blair Scenes
Written by Sreya Gupta

Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl are one of the most romantic and passionate couples we have ever come across on TV. They were each other’s worst enemies and most trusted friends and of course, they were star-crossed lovers. Through the six seasons, they went through a lot together and they emerged victorious together. When I decided to write about most romantic scenes of Chuck and Blair, I realized it is almost impossible to pick only 10 of my favorite scenes. They have so many amazing scenes. Every time they came together on the screen, they cast magic. The chemistry between Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester was so amazing, they made the story of Chuck and Blair one of the most passionate love stories ever. And, that is the reason we are still in love with him even after a decade.

10. The First Dance (Victor, Victorla)

I’m sure this one is one of the everyone’s favorites Chuck and Blair scenes. It was the moment I became an ardent shipper of ‘Chair’. Just remember the moment when our favorite Queen Bee decided to call her inner bad girl and enjoyed a little notorious dance, and Chuck could not help but admire her.

9. Three Words Eight Letters (Summer, Kind of Wonderful)

‘Three Words, eight letters. Say it, and I’m yours’. None can forget the moment when Blair asked Chuck to say the magical three words to her and Chuck got cold feet, which resulted in Blair to leave half-heartedly. We were so angry with Chuck yet we felt our hearts shattering into pieces for him.

8. Shut up and Dance with Me (It’s a Wonderful Lie)

This episode convinced me that none else can be better than Blair for Chuck and vice versa. They tried to bring ‘the perfect date for each other but soon they realized they’re better with each other. And, who can forget the scene when Chuck asked Blair to stop talking about what they have and what they don’t have and asked her to dance with him?

7. You Carrey Me (The Debarted)

Another moment that made me realize that Blair was Chuck’s source of strength. When Chuck went through a moment of self-doubt of being not strong and worthy enough to be the successor of Bart Bass, it was Blair who made Chuck realize how capable and worthy he is.

6. The Very Retro Kiss (How to Succeed in Bassness)

I don’t have much to say about this scene apart from they looked ridiculously awesome in their very vintage looking outfits. And, the kiss… It made me feel like the most aesthetically pleasing scene ever.

5. I Love You (The Goodbye Gossip Girl)

This scene is one of the most romantic scenes in the history of Gossip Girl. Remember, how much we cried watching the painful moment from the final episode of season 2 when Blair accepted her feelings for Chuck to him for the second time, and Chuck decided to turn her down and left. But, he did return with tons of gifts just because he wanted to propose Blair by giving the best of everything. And, best among the bests was he said the three magical words to Blair.

4. I Need To Let You Go (The Wrong Goodbye)

Another moment that made me cry a river came in the end season 4. It was the moment when Chuck felt he was never good enough for Blair. Though he accepted he will love Blair forever, he let Blair go with Louis. Definitely, it was a wrong goodbye.

3. The Kiss That Started Everything (Victor, Victorla)

Who can ever forget the famous limo scene? The ‘Chuck and Blair’ officially was a thing from this scene. The first kiss will always be one of the most favorite and memorable ‘Chair’ scenes ever.

2. The Much Awaited Wedding (New York, I Love You)

Did not we all wait from this wedding for six long years? Their wedding was as dramatic as their love story. Plus, Blair was looking like a queen in the blue Elie Saab gown, her beauty only matched with Chuck’s elegant white tux. Finally, they had their fairytale ending.

1. We Will Always Have Paris (Double Identity)

The station scene is my personal favorite. I remember when there was a ship fight going on between Chuck and Blair fans and fan of another ship that should not be named, ‘CHAIR’ fans used to quote the famous line from the epic movie Casablanca, ‘We will always have Paris’.

When Chuck decided to leave his ‘Chuck Bass days’ behind because he was convinced he had lost the only thing he ever loved, Blair showed up at the train station looking like a character from a classic movie in a beautiful Oscar de la Renta gown to convince him to come back to NYC. Though Chuck lamented he only makes her life difficult, yet Blair made him realize her life is not her life without Chuck.


It was almost impossible to pick 10 of my favorite scenes. I penned my favorites but there are other Chuck and Blair scenes that have left marks on our hearts. So, which one is your favorite Chuck and Blair scene? Let me know by commenting below. Xoxo.

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