8 Easy Tips For Moving To A New City

Moving to a new city is a big step. It can be exciting and daunting at the same time. Moving has its perks. At the same time, it has its fair share of anxiety. It might be for a job or simply to attend college. New apartment, new roommates, new friends, new everything. Life will definitely throw some curveballs your way but it is imperative that you don’t let anything bring you down. Experiencing a new city can be a pretty amazing once you learn how to swat the loneliness bug. Here are 8 easy tips to help you for moving to a new city.

  1. Arrange To Move Your Goods

First and foremost, arrange for all your stuff to be moved safely to your apartment in the new city. Do your research and hire the best-rated movers and packers. Make sure your stuff arrives a day before you do. You don’t want to be sitting alone in an empty apartment with nothing but your backpack. Having help to move all your luggage in your apartment is of utmost priority when living alone. You don’t want to be lugging those heavy boxes all alone.

  1. Befriend Your Roommates/Neighbors

One of the best aspects of moving to a new city is meeting new people. Get to know your roommates and neighbors and build a good rapport with them. Not only are they going to be your very first friends in the city, they’ll also help you settle in during the initial days. Get them to show you around and have fun bonding and exploring. All those moments when you get lonely, grab a packet of Maggi and chill with your roomies. There’s nothing quite like it.

  1. Get Takeout Menus From All The Nearby Restaurants

Leaving home means no more hot meals being served at regular intervals. Leaving home means no more late night take-outs from that favorite restaurant in your locality.  You might be cooking for yourself after you have moved. However, familiarize yourself with all the restaurants in your locality and get their take out menus. When you’re finally tired of ‘cooking’ Maggi, finally browse through those menus you’ve collected and order off of them. When the smell of cheap Chinese food finally wafts through the air in your apartment, the joy you will feel is unparalleled.

  1. Find Your ‘Spot’

Find your own ‘Central Perk’. We all have that favorite café which we frequent almost every day. Moving to a new city means not only leaving your friends and family behind but also leaving behind your favorite hangout spot. Explore the new city, screen the cafes and find a favorite. This will be your safe haven, away from the din and bustle of the new city. Look for a place where you can chill, clear your head and just be yourself. Go find that quaint little café, grab some coffee and your favorite book and let loose.

  1. Pick up a hobby/ Join A Class

Broaden your horizons. Go join that spin class you always wanted to. Take Zumba lessons, join a book club, take cooking lessons. Do whatever you can to keep busy. Utilise all that free time you have to work for your betterment. It’s important to not sit idle at least initially. When homesick, just put on our shoes, leave your apartment and keep busy. Improve yourself and have fun doing it.

  1. Explore The City

Don’t be a stranger to your new city. It will be your home for however many years you reside there. Embrace it and everything it has to offer. Go explore!! Get all touristy and hit all the spots. Find all the local hangout spots, the shopping hubs, the ‘IT’ places. Leave no stone unturned. You’ll soon fall in love with your home away from home. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll ALWAYS be biased to your hometown no matter what! But you’ll soon like to love your new home.


  1. Call Back Home

Remember to call back home. No matter how excited or nervous you are about moving to a new city, you can rest assured about one consequence. You WILL get homesick. It’s inevitable and honestly unavoidable. There will be times when you’ll feel like hopping on the next flight back home. Trust me, it gets easier with time. Call your family and friends whenever you get lonely. Plan your trips back home in advance. The joy of counting down days to finally going back home is unparalleled.

  1. Fall Into A Routine

This is one of the most important tips for moving to a new city. Don’t let the loneliness get to you and confine yourself to the comforts of your new apartment. Go grab a drink with your friends after work, go shopping, join the gym, fall into a routine and keep busy. When the ‘loneliness’ bug bites, don’t let it get to you. Go party, read a book, explore the city. Fall into a routine and fight the loneliness. Don’t let life in the new city get stagnant and keep busy. You will soon find your groove and start enjoying life in the new city.

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