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TV Characters Who Gave Me Wardrobe Goal

Written by Sreya Gupta

I’ve always believed our favorite fictional characters have a great effect on our daily lives. Have not we all imagined ourselves in their shoes? We share their joy and heartbreaks; we cheer and shed tears for them. But, the thing we do the most is that we get inspired by their impeccable dressing sense. Often we would simply fall in love with their wardrobe and will try to follow a perticular character’s style statement. This happens because some fictional characters’ choice of outfit perfectly fit our personal sense of styling. I have experienced such connections more than once. So, I thought about writing about those characters who gave me (and a lot of women like me) major wardrobe goals.

1.Blair Waldorf

Gossip Girl is one of the most fashionable shows. I started watching the show when I was in High School. Probably from the 2nd episode, Blair Waldorf became my favorite almost instantly. Queen Bee was always dressed to impress. Be it her school dress or her party gown, her style was elegant and lady like. Also, her collection of headbands was to die for. She will always be one of the best dressed female TV characters ever.

2.Brooke Davis

She kept me glued to One Tree Hill for nine seasons. While the teen Brooke perfectly balanced between cute and hot appearances, adult Brooke was a pro to make her attire sexy and sophisticated at the same time. I really wish ‘Clothes over Bros’ were real. I would have happily spent all my savings to buy dresses designed by her. In conclusion, her sense of dressing was as amazing as her character. The best-dressed female TV characters ever list is incomplete without her.

3.Lydia Martin

Girly and graceful. These two words are perfect to describe the wardrobe of Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf. She is mostly seen in super cute floral prints and boots. Lydia knows how to look at her best all the time. Be it when she is attending a class, running around the jungle or fighting with supernatural creatures, she never loses her impeccable sense of fashion. Most of all her braided hairstyles are sheer beauty.

4.Zoe Hart

I have yet to finish watching all the seasons of Hart Of Dixie (I’ve not watched after Zoe and Wade broke up). While the main reason for watching the show was Zoe and Wade’s much intricate relationship, I loved Zoe’s amazing wardrobe equally. Her wardrobe is stylish yet professional. Plus, her style is perfect for the short girls who want to look fab all the time. Zoe’s office attire looked like straight out of a fashion magazine. Who won’t want to dress like her in the office?

5. Carrie Bradshaw

I have started to watch Sex and The City and all I can say is I’m in love with her wardrobe. Carrie is funny, quirky and obviously a woman who is confident in her skin. Her wardrobe reflects her attitude and how! She has the perfect dress for every occasion and every mood.


The list is only getting longer. I’m really loving Olivia Pope and Mindy Lahiri a lot.

Hope one day I’ll be rich enough to have all of the clothes they wore in my wardrobe. But, till that day I will live dreaming and won’t stop buying dresses that I think these beautiful ladies would have approved.

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