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Favorite Harry Potter Characters- Half Chocolate
Written by Sreya Gupta

It’s 31st July. For Potterheads around the world, it’s a day to celebrate. It’s the birthday of our queen J.K. Rowling and the character she gave life to. The boy who lived, Harry Potter. On this 31st July Harry will turn 37 years old. We met Harry for the first time when he was almost eleven and he took us to a whole new world. We grew up with him, we fought his battle, we celebrated his victory, we laughed and cried with him. I decided to ask my Potterhead buddies who are their favorite Harry Potter characters? And why he or she is their favorite? Here are the answers I got.


Harry Potter 

“He is just so human. His resentment towards the Dursleys, his jealousy of Cedric in ‘Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire’, and towards Ron in ‘Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix’, his anger towards Snape and Malfoy and Umbridge, all make him so relatable. He’s not the perfect hero, all goodness, and forgiveness. He has his faults, and they are faults that you and I can understand because we’ve been there, we’ve experienced that, and hence, we feel him as one of us.

He’s a better person than most people give him credit for. Yes, he has his flaws, but he is still almost overwhelmingly good. He is never tempted to go over to the dark side, he never hesitates to pull Malfoy out of the fire, he doesn’t think twice about forgiving Ron when he comes back, he never thinks of leaving Dursley to the Dementors and of saving his own skin, and he’s not even angry at Dumbledore even after realizing how he’d been used. But to me what epitomizes him is his act in naming his son after Snape, a man who did torment him and humiliate him and who certainly detested him, no matter how much he may have loved Lily. That is something most of us can never comprehend and hence it awes us, as Harry does time and again with his selflessness, his bravery and his near infinite capacity to forgive.”

– Geetha Krishnan, Banker.

Ron Weasley

“Ron always doubted his own self-worth in the Harry Potter series. He was not the Chosen One, he was not the most brilliant student in his school, and he even feared that he was not wanted by his parents, who really wanted a daughter after five sons. But, none of these very real insecurities ever stopped him from being an amazing friend and the most badass character. These insecurities and shortcomings made Ron a more relatable character. He was brave. He was brilliant. Contrary to what he believed, he was actually quite smart. He was generous and caring. Even though he came from a not so well-to-do family, and was kind of insensitive in the beginning, he was generous and caring. He welcomed Harry into his family.

No! He was never afraid to show fear. Smashing all false notions of machismo, Ron never held back from expressing when he was scared of something. He was really funny. While Fred and George excelled in playing pranks, Ron was always cracking people up with his witty comments. He wasn’t born perfect, unlike Harry and Hermione, but he evolved as a person, which many don’t. He had a good heart. The Horcrux had messed with Ron’s head pretty badly in the book seven. He said some terrible things to Harry and Hermione, and eventually left them. But, the moment he left, he realized his mistake and kept trying to go back. Not many have the courage to accept such a monumental screw-up and seek redemption.”

-Apurva Mazumdar, Student

‘Ron weasely gave us goals on self-confidence and friendship. even when people gave him a stinky eye coz he’s a Weasely he was proud to be who he is and his friends. He Never shied away from his Muggle born best friend (later on girl friend ) or Harry who was always a target for trouble makers”

– Pritha Roy, Home Maker

Hermione Granger

“There are countless reasons for loving the leading female character of Harry Potter series. I would love to share some. Knowledge is power and this bookworm witch knew almost everything in her world. To take more classes at a time she becomes the Time Lord. She is not just bookworm; she is intelligent and often spots things, which Harry and Ron usually miss.  She is a great friend who was always there for Harry when Ron left his side. She is the witch who is proud to be a mud-blood and punched Draco for messing with her. She is the creator of Dumbledore’s Army and founder SPEW (Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare). This witty, headstrong witch’s wand contains a dragon heartstring at its core. She is one of the strongest female characters ever.”

-Payel Saha, Copywriter

“The series may be named Harry Potter but as a ten-year-old reading these books for the first time, it was the female characters that had me in awe. The ten-year-old me wanted to grow up and be Hermione Jean Granger. The no-nonsense, independent, headstrong bookworm struck a chord with me. Behind the firm exterior was a girl with a compassionate, benevolent heart. Case in point, when she takes the fall for Harry and Ron in their first when they tried to save her from the troll. This paved the way for an everlasting friendship. Hermione was the perfect amalgamation of the two ends of the spectrum and that had me in awe of her, forever.”

-Rusha Ghosh Dastidar, Law Student

“Hermoine is my ultimate favorite. The reason is pretty simple. She is smart, intelligent, and she always has a plan to save her friends and the day. But the best thing about her is her utmost loyalty and trust in Harry. She did not abandon him when everyone else doubted him. And, obviously, she is a bad ass woman.”

-Goshi Gul

Luna Lovegood

“Out of all the amazing characters in Harry Potter, she is my most favorite. The reason behind this is not only because she is so unique but also because I relate to her a lot. She has taught me many things and the most important one is that it is okay to not fit in. She fought a battle everyday with everyday people just because she had a wild imagination. She learned to love herself.”

-Mahima Garg, Student

“Luna might not have been one of the leading characters of the Harry Potter series but Luna Lovegood has never failed to excite me while flipping through the pages of Rowling’s books. I guess that’s because of the fact that her personality is so relatable to mine especially her quirkiness and her inquisitive nature but at the same time, I’ve always found a great deal of compassion in her which I feel is a quality we all need today.”

-Ishani Behl, Student

Growing up I found myself getting more and more captivated by the mystery that was Luna Lovegood. It took a bit of maturing on my part, but she eventually grew on me and is one of my favourite characters from the series. Her quirks make her all the more interesting. Right from the Crumple-Horned Snorkack to the Blibbering Humdinger, she never felt to amuse. Her unflinching loyalty for Harry warmed my heart. A Ravenclaw through and through, Luna Lovegood has carved a permanent niche in my heart.

-Rusha Ghosh Dastidar, Law Student

Neville Longbottom

“In a sea of strong male characters, the one that caught my fancy was Neville Longbottom. Initially, Neville was perceived as shy, forgetful and clumsy. However, in his later years, he let his courageous and gallant side shine
through. He proved that he was a Gryffindor when he tried to stop Harry, Ron, and Hermione from breaking curfew in his first year. He re-established this fact when he stood up to Voldemort in his final year. Neville Longbottom was a Gryffindor through and through and was, is and forever will be one of my favorite characters of the series.”

-Rusha Ghosh Dastidar, Law Student

“Do not judge a book by its cover, and do not judge a human by his exterior. Neville Longbottom, the boy who was once a little awkward, meek kid grew up to be a wonderful and brave young man. TBH, when Professor Dumbledore awarded him with five points just for standing against his friends, I wasn’t convinced. It looked more like an excuse to make Gryffindor the winner, but, that old man definitely had an outstanding ability to recognize a true gem that Naville was. Yes, he lacked confidence, but not the strength of mind. Once a bullied 11-years-old turned out to be an excellent leader, a true Gryffindor, the slayer of Nagin. Inspiring, isn’t he?”

-Sayanee Gupta, Content Writer

Draco Malfoy

‘Draco Malfoy is not my favorite character of the series. That place is reserved for Severus Snape and Sirius Black. But, Draco is one of those characters who dragged my sympathy. I found Draco a rich spoilt brat from the very beginning. But, ‘Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince’ showed Draco in a new light. He was the boy who did not have a choice. We saw the vulnerable scared boy, who was desperately trying to show he’s not scared of everything and everyone around him. At a very tender age, he had to pay for his father’s mistake by joining the death eaters. He did not want to serve the Dark Lord he just wanted to save her mother from the wrath of Voldemort. Draco, who grew up believing Lord Voldemort can make the wizarding world better, started to see the hideousness of the dark lord’s ideology and his followers. We saw the vulnerable side when we saw him with Moaning Myrtle, telling her the pressure he was under. Draco could not kill Dumbledore even when he got the chance. It was the only thing he had to do to save her mother and himself, but he could not cause he never wanted to kill someone.

What actually made me like Draco was, he was not a replica of his death eater father. We saw him as a loving father in ‘Harry Potter and The Cursed Child”, who had come out of the conservative beliefs he was raised with and taught his son they are not superior to the muggle borns. To me, Draco Malfoy represents overcoming the negativity of life.”

-Sreya Gupta, Blogger

Severus Snape

“An enigma, Severus Snape is an extremely talented and powerful wizard. A gray character with magnanimous personality, sarcasm and strict exterior, Snape is often misunderstood. What really won over my heart is his utmost loyalty and sacrifice for the one he loved “Always” making him the bravest man we have ever known.”

-Anindita Giri, Student

‘You dare use my own spells against me, Potter? It was I who invented them.Yes I am the Half-blood Prince’
This line by Severus Snape made me fall in love with him. Snape is one of the most loved and hated characters of HarryPotter series. First, you hate him at the beginning but as time passes you will fall in love with him. He is the most trusted person in the series. He can control any thing except we all know, ‘LILY’. He is the best mentor anyone can ever have that’s why Snape is the best character in Harry Potter series.”

-Sumonto Biswas, PR Professional

“At the beginning, Severus Snape will appear as a dark character. But, slowly we realized Severus Snape is not a dark character but a character who has darkness in him. As a young man, blinded by his jealousy and rage, he did a grave mistake. He took a decision that resulted in the death of his love, Lily. Snape had to live with a burden of guilt. Though his guilt broke him down he refused to accept defeat. He knew he could not undo what he has done, but he dedicated his life to protect Harry from the darkest wizard, Lord Voldemort.

Snape not only saved Harry multiple times, he shielded Draco from the rage of the dark lord. he saved the wizarding world and muggle world by spying Voldemort. But, he had to pay price not only for the mistake he committed but for his good deeds as well. Snape had to kill Dumbledore, whom he respected more than anyone, for the greater good. At the end, he accepted his death to save Harry. Harry, who had always despised Snape for his rude and cold behavior, finally accepted that Snape is the bravest person he had ever seen. Severus Snape was not a nice person, he was a great person. He was a man of multiple layers who hid all of his emotions and wore a facade to serve his purpose. Indeed, Snape was a dark character. But, he was the Dark Knight whom Harry and the world needed.”

-Sreya Gupta, Blogger

Sirius Black

“Following Luna Lovegood, I absolutely adore Sirius Black. He is not flawless but the characteristics that he has are worth admiration. He gave up his life in the name of friendship. He was one person who only desired freedom but he got that the least; due to his family in childhood and being wanted for a crime he did not commit. Yet he took enormous risks to fulfill his duty as godfather. He made most of the little happy times he had in life. He truly was as loyal as his animagus.”

-Mahima Garg, Student

“Sirius Black was the tragic hero of Harry Potter. He was a man who was doomed to live a life which was even worse than death. Sirius was falsely convicted of killing James and Lily, the friends he loved more than his life. He was sent to Azkaban, the prison for the wizards.  He escaped Azkaban determined to avenge the death of his dear friends and to protect Harry. In the short time which he had spent with Harry, Sirius became the father figure Harry always craved for. He was a close friend to Harry whom Harry could always rely on. He saved Harry multiple times and eventually sacrificed his life while protecting him.

Sirius Black was a man who had qualities and flaws. A free spirited person, a rebel, a force to be reckoned with, a brave soldier, a loyal friend, a loving father. Sirius Black was someone who deserved all the happiness in the world but ended up being a casualty of the war.”

-Sreya Gupta, Blogger

Remus Lupin

“After the heart-shattering death of Sirius Black, if I was really worried about someone and wished a ‘happily ever after’ end for someone, it was Remus John Lupin. Don’t get me wrong. I wanted a happy ending for everyone knowing this is an impossible thing to expect. But, this man, professor Lupin, took my heart, my sympathy, and my respect like no one. Living a cursed life for no fault of his, losing his friends, bearing all the miseries, Lupin had gone through a lot, but that never stopped him from being an adorable teacher with a pocket full of chocolates! Well, this is where he taught a life lesson, this is where he showed the art of living. Harry Potter is a series where marvelous men like Snape and Sirius with their intricate and multi-dimensional personalities blow our minds and very deservingly acquire the fan’s favorite title. However, Lupin for me is that underrated person, who his a hero underneath is ordinary surface.”

-Sayanee Gupta, Content Writer

Narcissa Malfoy

“My fav character – Narcissa Malfoy – She was fiercely protective of her child, always looking out for him in the shadows. But never forgot a favor. She was instrumental in saving Harry to pay back his favor for saving Draco. Although she was on the wrong side of the battle to support her husband, she still had the purest heart of a loving mother which I felt was as strong as Lily’s.”

-Nikita Ticku, Student

Bellatrix Lestrange

“I hated Bellatrix Lestrange with a passion growing up and still do. Nonetheless sheʼs a character I love to hate. Her devotion to Lord Voldemort is unparalleled. Even when he casts her aside, she stays loyal to him. So much so, she claims that if she ever had sons, she would gladly give them up to be Voldemortʼs servants. I wanted to Avada Kedavra her when she used the Crucio curse on Hermione. But you need a villain as formidable as her if you want the protagonist to shine through. For this, she remains one of my favorites.”

-Rusha Ghosh Dastidar, Law Student

Lord Voldemort

“He is not my favorite character but he has this enigma about him that makes his somewhat likable. Lord Voldemort was a charming, ambitious and intelligent student at Hogwarts. He grew up to be so feared that people would tremble at the very thought of his name. He had such power that almost half the wizarding world was his follower. He had tremendous potential and did some great things; dark things but great.”

-Mahima Garg, Student


“Well, who doesn’t love Dobby? After all, this free spirited house elf is just a lovable creature.  Is that enough? No.  Dobby was a ‘free willed house elf’! Even after belonging from a community who believed that serving their masters is their only job, he was different. Going against the basic nature of an elf, Dobby wanted to be free! A very cute and polite Dobby wasn’t a slave of his instinct. He was a friend, a fearless one. ” Dobby is used to death threats, sir. He gets them five times a day at home.” How politely he uttered those words. My heart went to him at that very moment. Dobby was loyal but whom he is going to offer his loyalty was completely his decision. He was a true free elf.”

-Sayanee Gupta, Content Writer

Fred and George Weasley

“The school dropout Weasley Twins solemnly swore that they are up to no good and proved it with their actions. They lighten up our mood even in the darkest chapters of the Harry Potter series. The breaker of rules, owners of joke shop were two evil geniuses who knew every secret passageway in Hogwarts. Even the teachers of Hogwarts were impressed with their epic exit from the school. They are the twins who cheered for a ferocious Dragon in the Triwizard tournament and never thought twice to lend their favorite Marauder’s Map to friend Harry. The pranksters, business owners, and loyal friends are undoubtedly two most beloved characters of Harry Potter series.”

-Payel Saha, Copywriter

Regulus Black 

“How do you explain an 18-year-old, who was a fallen soul and a hero, a kind master, and a hated brother at the same time? The beautiful boy could turn into a bright man if only he didn’t die a painful death at a tender age. The boy, who once followed his family into the darkness had to redeem himself with his life, but that wasn’t the worst part of his story. Neither the Black family nor Sirius, his brother ever realized the sacrifices he made. His life was a waste, but his death proved his worth. His body was dragged by the Iinferi and he himself drowned in oblivion. The tragedy named Regulus Black might not be a major character in the Harry Potter series, the films don’t tell his story, but for me, he will always be the boy who died to live forever.”

-Sayanee Gupta, Content Writer

“Regulus Black was not seen in the Harry Potter movies, neither he was physically present in the book series. Yet, he has become a favorite of mine. He joined the death eaters to make his family proud. But, it did not take him much time to realize the ugliness of their beliefs. He changed his mind and tried to mend his way and accepted a painful death fearlessly for it.

Regulus Black was the unsung hero of the Harry Potter series. A Slytherin, who was a brave heart.”

-Sreya Gupta


Happy Birthday Harry and Happy Birthday to J.K Rowling whom we can’t thank enough for making our childhood and entire life magical.

Who are your favorite Harry Potter characters? And is he or she your favorite? Tell us in the comment section below.


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