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7 Outfit Color Combinations All The Fashion Lovers Must Try

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Written by Sreya Gupta

We’ve already talked about the wardrobe basics every woman should have in their closet. Let’s take our fashion beyond basics now. Black and white outfits are super elegant, super stylish. It makes you look super chic. But, let’s be honest, sometimes the absence of color makes our appearance a little boring. I’ve always felt we all need some colors in our wardrobe. Today, I will talk about 7 outfit color combinations that will help you to take your fashion game to a whole new level.

  1. Orange and Blue

We all went through the days when we want to wear something that is destined to catch attention, but we’re not sure what to wear. And, if you went through those days, you must try Orange and Blue outfit color combination. Both of the colors are very eye catching and this combination is designed to make you the center of the attention.

  1. Green and Yellow

There is no outfit color combination in this whole universe that is as fresh as the combination of green and yellow. Wear a green top and pair it up with a yellow bottom. Or, wear a green dress; pick yellow bags or shoes with it. You can complete the outfit with a sunglass and you’re ready to make heads turn.

  1. Red and Pink

This combination has emerged as the darling of the fashion lovers around the world. If you’re thinking of trying out bold colors yet you’re not sure which color can be paired with which one, you can try this combination without any more doubts. It’s fresh, it’s eye catching and it’s chic. This combination has the power to make you look like a model of a fashion magazine.

  1. Grey and Pink

This combination is elegant yet girly. While the gray will make your look chic the pink in your attire will give your appearance a feminine touch. For a formal occasion, pick a pink shirt with a gray trouser or pair an eye catching pink bag with a gray dress. And, for a casual occasion, you can easily play with pink jackets, even pink jeans. Whatever you pick, it will unquestionably make you look like a diva.

  1. Blue and Red

For those beauties, who are not afraid of the spotlights and they always dress to kill, this combination is for them. This combination is designed to make you the center of the attention. I prefer this outfit color combination on those days when everything in my wardrobe seems too gloomy.

  1. Pink and Green

The pink and green combination is one of my favorite outfit color combinations. This combination is as fresh as a glass of lime soda. No, I’m not joking. The pink and green combination is perfect for the day of summer and rain. It will give you a quirky and girly outer look and I always feel this combination will cheer you up in a second.

  1. Orange and White

This combination is one of those outfit color combinations that give the attire a fresh vibe. Orange and White both are very contrasting colors. And, the combination of this creates a fresh and crisp look. These two always complement each other.  If you’re planning for a carefree look, this is the color combination you’ve been looking for.

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