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7 Ways How Bollywood Rain Scenes Have Ruined The Idea Of Rain For Us

Bollywood Rain
Written by Sayanee

Monsoon, the most romantic month of the year, is here. Most romantic? Well, according to Bollywood, it is. As per Hindi movie logic, all the romance, heartbreaks, love confessions, love makings, in short, everything love related stuff happens during monsoon, that too aesthetically! Heroines look sizzling and our oh-so-hot heroes turn hotter under non-stop pouring and what dramatically romantic Bollywood rain scenes follow!

At that point, the reality hits us. In India, the monsoon brings water clogging, traffic problems, electricity cuts and what not. This is when we realize, how Bollywood has ruined Monsoon for its viewers and now accepting the truth has become more difficult now. When your heart is humming ‘Rimjhim Rimjhim’ or ‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani’ and you’ve just started to feel SRK near you, your feet hit the miry water, and I tell you, it feels frustrating. Cursing our luck doesn’t really help, so, we tried to point out seven things Bollywood rain scenes have misguided us in believing and ruined the rain for us.

  1. Love under the raindrops has to be the most enchanting one

It all started when a country boy, Raj Kapoor and a stunning Nargis broke into singing ‘Pyaar Hua Ikrar Hua’  and Bollywood got its most cherished love song ever. Since then, the Hindi film directors have gotten obsessed over rain. Declare your love under the umbrella, when it is pouring cats and dogs, what an idea sir ji!

  1. Umbrella is so the last era, get soaked because it’s romantic!

According to Bollywood, gone are the days of black and white pictures, so why would you need an umbrella to feel the love. Get rid of it, get drenched, and dance! Because this is oh-so-romantic. Do not worry about the consequences. Things like a cough, cold, fever, pneumonia don’t exist in Hindi cinemas.

Bollywood rain dance


  1. Chiffon sarees are the must for a rainy day!

So, you think a synthetic dress is your go to dress on a rainy day? Bollywood disapproves. Take note, a Chiffon saree is must for a rainy day, the transparent, the better. Whenever it’s raining, just drape the nine yards. Make sure the Pallu of the saree remains loose. Now, you are ready for a perfect romantic dance in the rain.

  1. You don’t need the music for dancing in the rain

You will be an absolute amateur Bolly fan if you have any doubt with this one. Remember, ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hain. Rahul wanted to have a passionate dance with Anjali so, an instrumental just started to play. Yes, it just happens. No need of a sound system. Just listen to your heart.

  1. It must pour when a love confession is made

If you are all set to confess your love, hold on. Wait till it rains. As per Bollywood’s love lesson number 106, a confession of love or an important thing like a marriage proposal is incomplete without a downpour. This one is simple. Raindrop brings feel from the heaven where the ‘jodis’ are made. do the math.

  1. It will always pour when your heart breaks

Your heart has not broken enough if it is not raining! No, raindrops are not mere metaphors, they have to be real. If you are a real Bollywood fan, it will definitely happen. Then you can cry your heart out, aesthetically.

  1. First rain is the best time for the first make out

Once again, Bollywood logic has nothing to do with logic. Still, it has the strange ability to make us believe that rain enhances the romance in intimate moments. From Fanaa to Aashiqui 2, in how many movies rain brought the leads closer? So, make rain a vital part of your love life to enjoy a perfect making out session.


So, here is the list. Do you feel the same way about Bollywood rain scenes? Or, do you have something new to add? Comment below and let us know about it.

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