20 Benedict Cumberbatch GIFs To Make You Fall for Him Once Again

Benedict Cumberbatch GIF- Half Chocolate
Written by Sreya Gupta

Guess what day it is? It’s the birthday of Benedict ‘SHERLOCK’ Cumberbatch. We will always be thankful to him for portraying our favorite detective so beautifully that he became a human of flesh and blood. Not only, Sherlock, he brought Dr. Strange to life and made us sympathize with Khan/ John Harrison in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’. We have been in love with his quirky sense of humor, messy hair, crazy attitude.  And, oh, how can we forget that voice so sexy. He made us fall in love with him for countless times. Here is 20 Benedict Cumberbatch GIFs that will make you fall in love with him all over again

  1. Most of us fell for him the moment he invited Dr. John Watsosn (and us) to 221B, Baker Street.

2. And the moment he taught us how to keep the swag alive with a scarf.

3. Not to forget the time he made us realize that it’s important to check under the table every time you find anything suspicious.

4. And this time, when he made a purple shirt look sexy.

5. Just look at his smile. Now tell me how could someone be not in love with him?

6. Let me post another picture of him smiling.

7. Another one.

8. He even looks sexy when he raises his eyebrows.

9. And when he expresses his annoyance.

10. No Cumberbatch fans can forget the moment when he perfectly impersonated Otters. #OtterBatch forever!

11. And this time when he flawlessly imitated the Chewbacca.

12. I dare you to not to scream ‘AWW!’ after looking at this gif.

13. He makes us say ‘aww’ even when he dances.

14. How can someone not be a fan of someone who looks so awesome?

15. Be it blonde, brunette or red hair, he always manages to look awesome.

16. Not just great, he manages to look this great.

17. How could we forget he made us fall for a dragon?


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18. Now let’s take a moment to admire how good he looks when he winks.

19. And now, it’s time to admire how good he looks while playing the violin.

20. And when he throws the pen.

So, you have fallen in love with Benedict all over again. I’m sure these Benedict Cumberbatch GIFs were enough to make you adore this Cumber-awesome man. Now go to your mind palace and think about him. GO!

Wishing you a very very Happy Birthday Benedict ‘SHERLOCK’ Cumberbatch.

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