10 Fashion Accessories To Make Your Rainy Day Fashion Strong

Rainy Day Fashion

Who doesnʼt love the refreshing rain after the sticky, sultry summer? We all breathe a sigh of relief when the first showers hit. But, we must make sure that the dull monsoon sky donʼt reflects on our everyday fashion. This is a different ballgame altogether. Donʼt just stay dry during the rainy season, Look stylish and chic while at it. Here are ten rainy day fashion tips to help you to reign the rain.

1. Wellington Boots

Toss those summer sandals aside and make way for these cute and colorful wellies. They’re waterproof and comfortable while navigating those puddles. When it comes to rainy day fashion, Wellington Boots is a must have. Wear them with jeans or a dress, it can never go wrong.

2. Transparent Umbrellas

Ditch your the old, boring black umbrellas. Bring in these uber stylish transparent umbrellas. Itʼll definitely add that charm to your dull, dreary monsoon outfit with these chic and stylish umbrellas.

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3. Waterproof Bellies

Who says you canʼt sports bellies in the monsoons? These waterproof bellies are the perfect fix. They’re affordable, trendy. Most of all they are comfortable. Hence these shoes are ideal for everyday use. So, When the roads are full of those dreaded puddles, just bring out your cute pair of waterproof bellies.

Rainy Day Fashion

4. Translucent Tote Bags

Worried that the monsoon rain is going to wreak havoc on your favorite leather bag? Opt for these waterproof tote bags instead. Stylish and spacious, you can brave the storms with one of these and turn heads all at once.

5. Iridescent Rainbow Coat

Another rainy day essentials we just can’t survive without. You can still wear your favorite summer outfit and stay dry with this iridescent rainbow coats. It keeps water off your clothes and makes you stand out in a crowd. Rest assured that youʼll look nothing short of a diva with these jackets on.

6. Waterproof Flip Flops

Flip flops are perfect for daily wear. The waterproof ones are an absolute must have for every girl during monsoons. Get them in vibrant colors to brighten up your dull monsoon day and take your rainy day fashion to the next level.

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7. Cloud-Rain Earrings

Reflect the weather in your accessories with this super cute cloud-rain earrings. Youʼre sure to get a compliment for these.

8. Cloud and Umbrella Necklace with Thunderstorm Charm

A cloud and umbrella necklace is just too cute to handle. Itʼs a perfect accomplice to your rainy day outfit. Plus, it adds that much-needed bling.

9. Metallic Rain Coats

Since the rainy days are usually gloomy, therefore adding a little color to your outfit will boost your confidence. Replace the boring, old raincoat of yours. Switch them with these chic and trendy metallic raincoats. Your rainy day fashion will be incomplete without this super stylish and glamorous rain coats. In addition to this, it make you look fashionable, it will make sure your clothes are dry.

10. Rain Themed Phone Cases

Why just stop your rainy day fashion game at clothes and shoes? Let the phone case do the talking. Get these amazing rain themed phone cases for the monsoons. Not only your clothes, but even your phone cases will be on point.


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