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10 Different Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Different Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Own-Half Chocolate
Written by Sreya Gupta

Footwear plays an important part to make your appearance just like as your outfits, hairstyles, bags, and makeup. Pick your shoes carefully cause the right shoes can make you look like a diva but a wrong one can totally ruin your fashion game. If you’re not an expert in this sector, you don’t need to worry about which type of shoes you should buy. We have got your back. Here we present 10 different types of shoes that every fashionable woman should have in their wardrobe.

1. Ballerina Flats

Among different types of shoes, these are the most comfortable items you shall own. Ballerina flats not only feel soft and cozy, they look super cute as well. So, if you are planning for a day out where you have to do a lot of walking, ballerina flats have to be your first choice.

2. Casual Sneakers  

Doesn’t matter you’re a sporty girl or not, you must have casual sneakers in your wardrobe. Gone are those days when sneakers were used for sports purpose only.  Wearing sneakers will give your appearance a carefree look. Pair casual sneakers with a maxi dress and a sling bag to take your fashion quotient to a new level. Don’t forget, a pair of sneakers is your ultimate buddy when you are trekking or traveling long distance.

3. Stiletto Heels 

A woman can have numbers of different types of shoes, but without a stiletto her collection is incomplete. If you’re a shoe addict you must already have one or two of the sky-high heeles. These shoes are not for everyday wear. But, when you need to look glamorous and want to turn heads, the stiletto is going to be your best friend.

4. Wedges 

Are you afraid of the needle-like heels of stilettos? Then, you must stock up your shoe wardrobe with these types of shoes. Wedges are the much comfortable version of sky-high heels. Unlike stilettos you can use wedges for daily use as well as it’s lot more comfortable and doesn’t hurt your feet at all.

5. Flat Sandals 

Is there anyone out there who does not own a flat sandal? Even an ardent lover of high heels like me owns a few pairs of this type of shoes. When it comes to going to local market to run some errands, I always reach out for the sandals that I keep just next to the door. I have a thing for the kolhapuri sandals as they look good with all types of outfits, and their bright colors always cheer up my mood.

6. Pump Shoes 

Pump shoes are one of the most stylish yet comfortable shoes. When you own multiple types of shoes yet cannot decide what to pick between style or comfort, you can always go for pump shoes. Make sure that your closet contains a peep toe and a pointed toe pump shoes. They are capable of elevating any ordinary outfit to a new level.

7. Loafer 

While talking about the different types of shoes very woman must possess, the list will remain incomplete without mentioning a loafer. Loafers are gaining popularity among the fashion lovers. They are great for a quirky yet chic appearance.  It’s comfortable and stylish, what more do you want from a footwear. A loafer will definitely complement all the edgy outfits.

8. Ankle Boots 

Ankle boots are one of my favorites. It will serve you as a statement piece, yet it will not dominate your appearance. It’s sleek and stylish. If you are planning to load your wardrobe with different types of shoes, you must add an ankle boot. It will serve you as a fashion staple as well.

9. Rain Boots 

I live in a country where it rains a lot in the late summer. Though I enjoy the rain, I absolutely hate the fact that the downpour ruins my lovely shoes. Being a shoe lover, I own many types of shoes, but the rain boots are necessary. I personally love bright colored rain boots. It adds a little hue in an otherwise gloomy and cloudy day.

10. Mary Jane Shoes 

Your wardrobe is full of different types of shoes, that’s great! You don’t own a Mary Jane shoe, not so great. To all the girls out there, buy a pair of Mary Jane shoes. It adds an oomph factor to your plain outfits within a second. Invest on Mary Jane shoes and trust me you won’t regret it.

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