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5 Life Lessons We Get From Disney’s Beauty And The Beast

Relationship Goals Learnt From Disney's Beauty And The Beast
Written by Shirsha Ganguly

Fairy Tales, in our life, will never lose its charm. Stories of Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, Pocahontas and of course Belle, the protagonist  of “Beauty and the Beast” teach us some essential life lessons. After reading those wonderful tales, how can one forget the ever-smiling, affectionate Cinderella? And Aurora, the ill-fated princess with an innocent beauty. We will never forget the sacrifice made by the little Mermaid, Ariel or Pocahontas, the Native-American princess. Last but not the least, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, the battle of whom was the toughest. It’s so because, the others, be it,  Cinderella or Aurora even Pocahontas to a certain extent, received the arms of their men, safe in their embrace. But, Belle was the only one who had to fight with several hurdles of life. This probably is the reason ‘Beauty and the Beast’ sets certain relationship goals and teaches some valuable lessons of life.

1. Don’t Be Boastful Of  Your  Physical Features 

Disney brought Belle and the Beast on screen for the first time in 1991 animated movie. We witnessed a handsome prince, who loses his charming features due to his vanity and pride when he was cursed by a witch. His cruelty and arrogance inflicted pain and suffering. He was despised and feared by all, who once used to admire him. This indeed is a good lesson to learn that our external beauty sustains only for a short span of time. On the contrary, when the ugly traits of one’s  soul are exposed to others, they will tend to abandon his company altogether.

2. Don’t Be Judgmental

You should not be, in any way be judgmental to others. The outer features of a person can just be an illusion. Belle initially was scared and tried to run away from Beast as he looked ugly and dreadful. Gradually Belle realized that Beast also had a heart and he craved for her love only. And his heart was full of admiration and love for her. In recent times, people often tend to judge a human by their outer appearance. Well! “Beauty And Beast” gives us the reality check that it’s not necessary that a person with a charming face will invariably posses a lovable heart. Disney Beauty and The Beast is a classic saga that defied the cliche and proved the beauty that is only skin deep is no beauty at all. It’s a person’s heart that matters.

3. Anger Can Always Be Overcome By Love

Every individual in this universe have some issues. Beast was no exception. He was ashamed and angry with himself due to his appalling appearance. This self-indignation made him reclusive to the world. This could be the same for any real person too. Insecurities over personal shortcomings might affect a person, his personality, and his temper adversely. What we need is love and kindness to overcome this anger. This is exactly what Belle from Beauty and The Beast did in the story. She was patient, loving, and caring to Beast until he overcame his dilemma and realized the worth of love. Relationships often fall prey to fragility due to lack of empathy. Both men and women must learn this exceptional quality from Belle, who waited relentlessly to bring out the best version of the beast out of a self-loathing and resentful man.

4. Detachment Sometimes Is The Key Of Attachment

The time when Belle left Beast alone in his castle to meet her ailing father, it turns out to be a heart-touching episode. By that time, both became accustomed to each other’s company. But, this detachment helped them to realize their love for each other. The tears Beast shed for Belle not only got him rid of his curse but also helped him to realize Belle’s contribution in his life. At the same time, Belle realized that her life was incomplete in the absence of Beast. She understood, they complete each other. This detachment that Belle and Beast experienced, is the key to love, which teaches us you can only recognize the indispensability of your partner in his or her absence.

5. Soul Mates Are Not Made In heaven, But By Yourself

Be it the original movie of Beauty and The Beast, the 2017 remake of the classic or the book, Beauty and the Beast is the story which teaches us the most important lesson of life. It helps us to come across the fact that no one is perfect. Two imperfect people successfully make an exemplary union of pure love by accepting each other, as they are. This however only can be attained by honesty and purity that Belle portrayed, and the pursuance that Beast delivered in the story.

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