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My Experience Of Fostering Indian Stray Puppies

My experience of fostering Indian stray pups
Written by Sayanee

Since my childhood, I have adored dogs. Initially, it was because I found my cousin’s furry friend extremely cute and friendly, but as I grew up, I realized, they are way more than just a bundle of joy. They are wonderful creatures who can truly love someone without any expectation. My experience says, they are the only creature who is capable of giving such kind of love.

My experience of fostering Indian puppies

Anyway, I couldn’t adopt a pup as my mom would be terrified of them. Therefore, my sister and I started to pet the strays at my place. Living in India, finding stray dogs was no challenge at all. The strays in India, usually belong to a wonderful species named Indian Pariah. They are friendly, intelligent, and extremely alert. Sadly, most of the people here failed to recognize the qualities they have. Dog owners (certainly not lovers) here are ignorant and some would rather ‘buy’ foreign breeds than adopting a ‘desi’ dog. Well, in short, there are numbers of strays who are craving for a little love and care. We showed them love and they returned us with affection and warmth that was million times more than what we expected.

My experience of fostering Indian stray dog

So, one fine day when we discovered a furry friend along with her little pups, we were overwhelmed. As we started to take care of the little ones, we faced the harsh truth that we cannot save them. The callus drivers and careless driving took the lives of three pups. Two died due to some health issues. A friendly neighbor did her best to keep them safe, but we failed and we failed them badly. When the news of the death of the third living puppy came to us, we broke down. It was a heart-shattering moment that I am afraid to revisit. It was the time, we took the decision of taking the two pups home going against our parent’s wish. I know, it sounds impulsive, but it was the only thing we could think of.

My experience of fostering fur pups

Loki and Queenie, as we call them, are chalk and cheese in their nature. Loki was hyperactive while Queenie was extremely soft and timid. While the former was quite ecstatic, the latter looked upset. The death of her closest sibling had affected the baby badly. Anyway, when it comes to fostering a pup, I was a complete novice. My sister is no different. The fact that I work from home didn’t help much. In the initial days, it felt like we have overstressed ourselves. We were feeding them, cleaning their poop, playing with the 3-months-old pups. Loki, the cute boy being a super naughty fur baby was keeping us on our toes. With him, there was no dull moment. Half of the day, we were shouting ‘Loki NO!’ and the rest of the day we were wondering what he is up to. Queenie, however, was a delicate doll who would love to sit on our lap and enjoy a belly rub.

My experience of fostering puppies

It didn’t take those two babies to win my parents’ hearts. My mother was still scared of Loki, but she liked Queenie. The pups, however, loved my dad and of course, my dad’s only concern was if they were eating enough. The funniest part was when we made them take a bath. It felt like the pups were having a fight with a devious element named water and my sister and I are the villains who ditched them in this battle. Anyway, we knew how to won their trust back. What do you think rice and delicious chicken stew are for?

The most difficult part of fostering is you know your loving babies will be with you until the time they get them forever home. It was sad that we couldn’t keep two pups together so we had to put them up for adoption. Now, the biggest challenge was finding a loving family for them. I have already written about the mindset of Indian people towards the desi dogs. So, we knew it would be a challenging task. We started with posting an ad on Quicker. Just what I expected, numerous people contacted us seeing the pictures of my foster babies asking about their price and as soon as I told they are Indian Pariah and we are not selling them but giving them for free, they suddenly changed their decision. However, this actually helped me to filter the options and find a family who will be really good for my fur babies.
My experience of fostering Indian Pariah puppies

My experience of fostering Indian Pariah puppies

By God’s blessing, we found one such family who was eager to adopt Loki and see the coincidence they are from the same block we live. This means I could still meet my baby and more importantly, this signifies while there are people who advised me to buy a foreign breed doggy rather than adopting a stray puppy, there is also this family, who believes in adoption. For Queenie, we are still searching for a good family. I won’t deny that I am being extremely particular when it comes to the selection of a forever home for my sweet girl. But, I am hopeful and also there is a chance of her being a foster fail. Currently, she has visited the vet which helped her a lot. She has regained her health as well as her spirit and she is doing great with her toys.

Fostering Indi puppy

Fostering Indi puppy

Things to know about Indian Pariahs:

  1. This dog species has evolved to cope with the hot and humid nature of India which makes them a low-maintenance pet. Plus, they don’t shed much.
  2.  Desi breeds are extremely alert. That makes them great watch dog.
  3.  They are actually smarter than several expensive foreign breeds and can learn tricks faster than other dogs.
  4. Take them to the vet for vaccination and deworming. This is necessary for their health and yours as well.
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