15 Types of Classmates We All Had in High School

Written by Sreya Gupta

Our school lives would be super boring if we didn’t have those amazing students in our classroom to make our days colorful. The study, homework, exams, the typical routine of every school-going-child becomes extraordinary because of these classmates whom we loved, hated, and sometimes just tolerated. Their contribution in our life could be little but their contribution in our memories is precious. The realization hit me recently while attending a reunion lately. What was more interesting that I felt everyone has the similar experience regarding the classmates we studied with.  In fact, I could identify the different types of classmates everyone has.

So, here is my list of the different types of classmates I had. Check out if you too had them in your school.


1. The Hot One

She was the star of the school who would get all the attention from everyone.

2. The Leader

S/he was the president of the student council, the captain of the class. S/he led the debate team, s/he was the founder of the cultural team in our class. In short, s/he had an army to follow him or her order. All the students were a bit scared of her/him.

3. The School Paparazzi

She knew EVERYTHING about everyone and she used to take her job of letting everyone know about everything very seriously. You need an information about your frenemy, she is the girl to contact.

4. The Studious One

‘Why can’t you be like her (or him) ‘ – you have heard this like ten thousand six hundred and ninety-eight times from your mom. According to your mother, s/he was the ideal girl in your class (phew). She used to be the most annoying person in your life till you met your boss.

5. The Rebel

S/he was the nightmare of the teachers, but you found her/him pretty cool.

6. The Sporty One

S/he took most of the awards to home at the end of the sports day.

7. The Cry Baby 

Be it the sad ending of a novel, break up of her best friend, or failing a class test, or losing in the musical chair competition, she could cry at the drop of a hat.

8. The Lover Boy

On his bench, on the blackboard, on the wall of the classroom, in his textbook, he has written the name of his lover at least million times. Everyone in the class knew about his crush except the girl he was crushing on.

9. The Lover Girl

Obviously, there’s a lover girl too. She could talk about nothing but her crush. In most of the cases, the girl would have a crush on a senior boy. And there was a silly smile plastered on her face all the time. Admit it, you along with the entire class would look at her whenever her crush walks inside your classroom.

10. The Class Weirdo

No! Don’t even try to understand him or her.

11. The Class Clown

Does not matter how upset you were, he or she had the power of cheer you up within a minute. Everyone loved class clowns because they are the sweetest soul you knew back in your school days.

12. The Teachers’ Pet

They were the types of annoying classmates everybody hated. He or she was always the one who reminded the teachers about home works. Also, they are the reason that you have formed a trust issue in school life.

13. The Secretive One

I hated this type the most. He or she always said they didn’t study, but always passed the exams with flying marks. I still wonder HOW?

14. The Would Be Killer

There was a girl or a boy whom you thought could turn into a serial killer or at least a contract killer.

15. The Back Benchers

Finally, the coolest people of the class. The back-benchers. They were the true legends who made the most memories. (Proud to be one of them).

Types of Classmates We Had in High School

I am sure you too have them in your school life and you too have belonged to some categories just like me. So, what was your ‘type’? Share with us here.

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