Why Dean Winchester Is A Hunter Of Mundane Hearts

Written by Arpita Biswas

Why Dean Winchester is a Hunter of mundane hearts, while hunting vicious paranormal creatures on-screen?

Saving people, hunting things, the family business.’-

The line that graced television with the face that would end up laying siege on millions of hearts, on the other side of the screen. With the advent of the immensely popular series ‘Supernatural’, that particular Hunter by the name of Dean Winchester became the perpetual occupant of many a feminine imagination and the subject of scores of pages of fanfiction.

And here is a little list of the reasons that stand testimony to this Hunter’s charms.

  1. Those Eyes

Widely heralded as the windows to the human soul, eyes have forever been a feature which engendered the tenderness underlying an attraction. In Dean’s case, the tenderness gets incremented to exponential levels as those emerald orbs -worthy of the quintessential wild poet’s imagination- look back at the numerous eyes that await them on the other side of the television screen. Whether those eyes belonged to the angsty, elder Winchester, or to the snarky demon that his majestic corporeal form briefly housed, whether they were those perfect green eyes, or those sinfully engrossing demonic orbs, they’ve never failed in their phantom quest of claiming our wildest imagination, and thus, our erratically overreacting hearts.


2. The Voice That Personifies Sin

Yes, we acknowledge that it is Lucifer that supposedly personifies sin (in the literal sense). But when it comes to the Sins that are instigated by such magnetism, Dean’s voice is once again, an instrument that accomplishes this very purpose, in every single form of its manifestation, ranging right from a consolation, to an angsty confrontation, from a snarky curse-word to the recitation of an exorcism, the elder Winchester’s voice garners in all the admiration we have for him. And it keeps increasing as he pours more of that nectar into our ears, while our eyes behold his magnificent form.


3. The Brother We Ardently Adore

John Winchester never had the time, to be the perfect dad to his children. And that’s when Dean stepped into his shoes. Dean, became the dad, the source of affection that Sammy clamoured for. The easy camaraderie that they share, the pillar of support that he is, to his little brother, are just a few of the numerous reasons that we so fervently adore.

4. Daddy Dean

And no, there are no, absolutely no hidden meanings in the word Daddy here. If we trace our memories back to a baby called ‘Bobby John’ in Season Five, we might as well recall Dean cradling a baby in his arms, softly lulling him to sleep when Sam says ‘You’re father material.’ And not just that, in his brief stay at Lisa’s place, he’s just the father figure Ben looks out for. Yet, the burden of being a Hunter was such that he had to renounce them. The verdict: ‘You’re damn right, Sammy!’.

5. The Ferocity We Cannot Resist Falling In Love With

Intensity makes a man worth being the person that he is. A platitude we confirm by while we search for the one who shall turn out to be the missing piece of the puzzle in our mundane lives. The drive that makes one loyal, the fiercely protective passion, name every form of intensity, and this angsty Hunter has it all. He’s a fierce fighter, one that stands strongly by his beliefs, one that throws every last bit of caution to the winds when it comes to the protection of others. One that bears the toughest trials with a solidarity stronger than the Rock of Gibraltar, Dean Winchester easily makes himself comfortable in the adulation we have for him.

6. The Absolute Dork

Oh yes! He can be a dork too. Right from his pie-cravings to his puppy-faced nonchalance at matters that sound ‘too technical for his taste’, he can be every bit of a colossal dork, that we’d happily wish to cuddle.

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7. The Smile That Should Be Banned

A smile that possesses celestial luminosity –this is a gross understatement- should be made illegal in the realm of mundanity. For, once, this man smiles, he sends many a feminine being into a state of entropy. No wonder why our knees lose their strength to keep us from melting away into oblivion when he flashes that smile effortlessly. For us to go into a swoon, just a casual upward curve of his lips into a smirk would be reason enough for our fantasies to materialise.


And that’s not enough because it cannot be enough, ever for us to be satiated of his presence. Because, he in all his corporeal reality is a man who constitutes the very fabric that our numerous dreams are made of. One amongst the very many vital threads that spew the feminine desire, Dean Winchester, you’re an absolute marvel created for us.

And for that, we’ll be ever grateful for coming by this Hunter (whether in an Alternate Universe crafted in the very generous hands of fanfiction, or in an Alternate World that shall never materialise), who made our day worth it, every time we saw him.

And that’s who Dean Winchester remains.

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  • Wow!!!!! As a dean girl, I feel i have fallen for lowof my life, yet again. The way you describe him is the same way any dean girl thinks. I love him and this post is definitely beautiful piece of work.

    • Hi, Arushi! Yeah, I’m madly, crazily, intensely head-over-heels in love with Dean. And every Dean girl is just the same, haha! Thank You so much for coming by and it warms my heart to know that yet another Dean girl likes this little tribute from a Dean girl in some corner of the world. THANK YOU! And love you! <3

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