10 Places Where You Can Enjoy Water Sports In India

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We all love to break the monotony of nine to five jobs and do something adventurous in our life. And if you are an aquaphile like I am, you would like to indulge in enthralling water activities to brush off your stress. Many might not know, India has some amazing holiday destinations where people can enjoy great water sports. From an intense scuba diving to a simple jet ski, the tourists can participate in numbers of exciting water sports in these ten states. So, what are you waiting for? Just check out the list here and plan a great vacation and enjoy to your fullest.

1.Andaman – Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Sea Walking

Vibrant corals, vivacious sea life, pristine water – Andaman offers an enigmatic view of the world lying under the water and the best part is you can explore the aquatic Paradise by doing amazing activities like Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, and Sea Walking. You don’t even need to know swimming for enjoying all this.

2.Lakshadweep Islands – Scuba Diving

If you love underwater sports, Lakshadweep must be on your travel list. Less human activity on these islands come as a blessing to any diver. Unlike any other overcrowded tourist spots, the coral reefs here are still intact and unharmed. One can enjoy the enchanting view of exotic corals and schools of fishes while diving into the sapphire water.

3.Assam – River Rafting

What’s an adventure without some mystery in it? River rafting on the Brahmaputra River has the right amount of thrill which gets doubled by the wilderness of the topography. The Goosebumps that people feel while rafting, draws the adventure enthusiasts every year.

4.Karnataka – White Water Rafting

Witnessing the creamy foam forming in the river while sailing on the water is something an adventurer won’t want to miss.  However, the Kali river and the Barapole River in Karnataka are not for the faint-hearted tourists. Splashes of chilled water, swift turns of the raft against and the heavy current will give you a chill down your spine.

5.Goa – Diving, Surfing, & others

Goa has the most happening beaches in India. But, that’s not all. Goa is also the best place for enjoying water sports with your buddies. Scuba diving, underwater walking, surfing you name it and Goa has it. Okay, so you are done with all these and looking for more? How about doing some fun water activities like Water Ski, Jet Ski, Ringo Rides, Wake Boarding, Kite Surfing or Banana Rides in the pristine beaches of Goa? I wouldn’t have said no to any of it.

6.Kerala – Bamboo Rafting

Ever thought about taking a slow and peaceful voyage on the river passing by a jungle that is an adobe of wild animals. Bamboo rafting in the Periyar Lake National Park is a dream-come-true experience that allows you to have a glimpse of the diverse wildlife and enjoy the rafting at the same time!

7.Tamil Nadu –  Surfing

The glorious seashores of Chennai in Tamil Nadu are ideal destinations for the trained surfers. A newbie can always try learning surfing and the experience is no less than an intense and awesome adventure sport.

8.Uttarakhand – River rafting

Adventurous people, you must indulge yourself in the adventure sports Uttarakhand offers to you. River rafting! You won’t only enjoy the adrenaline rush this sport brings, you’ll also enjoy the scenic beauty the beautiful landscape offers.

9.Maharashtra – Kayaking

When in Mumbai don’t miss the chance of doing little adventure and go kayaking on the magnificent Arabian sea. Observe the eventful city from a distance and steal a peaceful moment in the middle of the transparent water. Or if you prefer a yacht ride, Maharashtra won’t disappoint you.

10.West Bengal – White River Rafting

The stunning landscape of the valley of Teesta can only be compared with its own unmatched beauty. Numbers of travellers would visit North Bengal for spending a quality time in the enchanting valley and take part in white river rafting for a breathtaking ride in the stream flowing through the hilly region.

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